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Consumption of Electronic Cigarettes

One can always associate smoking of cigars with high social class and those smoking it have class and style. People from the past who have had strong position like in politics are always the first to come into your thoughts. There is still a great number of people smoking pipes even though the numbers are reducing. Imagining yourself at the porch with a fine cigar is a great feeling. As you smoke, you can feel and taste the richness of tobacco lingering in your mouth. The scent may be deep, but it is rich and full of character.

Despite the blissful experience, cigar smoking can be harmful to your body. Most people smoking could get short or prolonged infections, some of which could cause death. One could enjoy smoking cigarettes without the fear of getting diseases caused by tobacco through the use of electronic cigarettes.

The e-cigarette is an electronic device that is handheld and that tries to create the sensation of smoking tobacco. It is heated to create an vapour that users breath in. The electronic cigars comes in three flavours. It uses an innovative style of charging via an internal USB connection. It has a real leaf feel making it confortable to use and hold with authentic flavor. All flavours do not contain nicotine or tobacco. The electronic cigarette do not have poisonous chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do have.

The e-liquid cigarette is made from the finest raw materials and pharmaceutical grade ingredients by using the most current and innovative processes and quality control procedures in order to acquire and maintain the standards made by the pharmaceutical and international health standards. All the electronic liquid mixtures constitutes propylene glycerine or vegetable glycerine or a combination of both. Propylene glycol one hand is thin and gives more throat hit while vegetable glycol on the other hand is thick and sweat hence gives more vapour cloud. The mixture of the two is ideal and has brought satisfying effect on smokers. Every person has their own way of preference and taste, this means it is not a must that what one smoker likes the others will too.

The health risks caused by smoking electronic cigarettes is not yet known but one could be sure that it is safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The long term impacts on health of using electronic cigarettes is not yet established by they could help smokers leave the act. Until now, there are no serious effects noted except for throat and mouth irritation, vomiting, nauseas and coughing.

Some traces of heavy metals and toxic chemicals could be contained in the cigarette that are permissible by workplace safety standards. The chemical levels could however go past the public safety limits.

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