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Stay Alive With Survival Gear

In the event of an apocalypse, you should have the skills and gear to stay alive. However, having the right gear and skills is not only necessary during an apocalypse. You may need to save yourself and family in a number of situations that are not apocalyptic. For example, you may be attacked by wild animals while camping out in the woods. Sometimes, you may find yourself in a harsh environment such as a desert and may only have limited water and food supplies.

In any situation, your likelihood of staying alive will be higher if you have the right survival gear and skills.

Have Defense Skills
Some survival scenarios could force you into a position of defending yourself, your home and your family. To defend yourself, it is important to have a good offense. Set traps, plant handy weapons out of sight that you can get to if you are away from a secured area and of course, build a secured area.
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Most homes are not designed to offer great defenses. They have too many ways in and out. A good defense means you have a single point of entry and an emergency exit. Prepare a good defense by having long handled weapons with pointed ends or a good rifle or gun. The first is preferable as it won’t run out of bullets. To come up with a good offense, you should also be able to hide creatively. Dig a pit and cover it with wood and cover it with brush, dirt or whatever camouflage is at hand.
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Have a Defendable Base
You can easily make your shelter defendable by following the first tip above if you are stationary. If you are in the woods moving, splaying a simple poncho or tarp over a tree will make a great shelter.

Check Your Mobility
Mobility is another important skill you should have. It is important to know your area. If you are camping in a specific area, you should locate game trails where you can find food, find escape routes and evaluate the defense options. Make sure you have outdoor survival gear such as compasses, penknives and others that will make it easy to navigate through the area.

Sometimes, making your way out of an area may mean having to cut through scrubs and brush. You will need to know safe routes that are free from obstacles that you could accidentally fall or trip over. Pace in an important factor to consider if you will be moving regularly. Having a machete and a sturdy walking stick will come in handy in such situations.

Having a survival plan of escape is important, whether you find yourself stranded in the jungle or in unfamiliar territory.