Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Energy Storage Utilizing Batteries

There are numerous solar energy products and ideas, which are utilized by many individuals, that are environmentally friendly. One obstacle that seems to have a lot of people stymied is how to store solar energy so that it’s accessible whenever it’s needed. If you’re interested in learning more about developing solar energy storage by using batteries it’s recommended you read the frequently asked questions below.

Are individuals capable of utilizing batteries for solar energy storage?

Some individuals who have solar power in their homes are already using lithium-ion and lead acid batteries to store electricity when there isn’t enough available sunshine. Although this method does work, it’s very costly and inadequate for long term usage. The battery system normally costs over $5,000 and possibly up to $15,000 and that’s just to purchase the set up. When individuals need to use their battery back-up, it will only last for about two days. The entire battery system will last at a minimum 5 years and the maximum usage is around 12 years. After this amount of time, new batteries will need to be purchased for solar energy storage.

Are there any new advancements being made in solar energy storage by using batteries?

One researcher has developed a system that incorporates a battery that’s rechargeable into the solar panel. This invention also has drawbacks, but it does cut down on the amount of efficiency loss that’s customary with a separate battery system. Various other research that’s being performed to create a battery that can efficiently and economically store solar energy is one that utilizes saltwater. This type of battery will be less expensive, have a longer usable time limit and won’t contain hazardous substances. Another idea is to change the manufacturing method of the lithium-ion battery so that it costs less to produce. The price savings will be passed on to the consumer so purchasing this type of battery will be more cost effective.

Individuals who are interested in various ways to make a profit should consider the advantages of using batteries for renewable power. As the environmental era continues to grow, individuals are looking for more ways to store renewable energy and batteries may provide a sensible solution.