How To Ensure Being Contacted By Job Agencies

Wishing for the right job to land on your lap? Well, this is not a day dream anymore; you can actually approach a recruitment agency and register yourself for it to come true. A word of caution here though! Remember that the placement agency will not actually find the job fit for you. Instead they will provide the company with an employee who fits in with their needs.

Well, many companies find it easy to engage certain job agencies who have proved their mettle. The entire process of hunting for candidates who have the required qualification along with the expertise and then contacting them one by one needs a lot of time. The recruiting authority of a company is usually hard pressed for time and simply passes on the information about the criteria they have in mind to the placement agency. The staffing body has the required experience as well as access to a huge database of aspiring candidates who are looking for a job. They bring the two together. Hey Presto! The vacancy id filled!

However, it is easier said than done. The job agencies will work hard to locate the proper fit and forward their resumes to the hiring manager. However, they make every effort to weed out the ones who may not be eligible for the concerned post thereby sparing the company both time and expense. Do not forget that simply being interviewed by a recruitment agency is not enough. You do have a role to play as well.

Do think about your ambition and your notion of a dream job and get ready preparing yourself to fill such a vacancy. You need to be in touch with your chosen agency or several of them regularly too and keep updating them whenever you enhance your skills. This will help you to remain relevant and you can definitely hope to receive calls from various job agencies whenever there is a vacancy that matches your resume.

How to ascertain a jog interview?

Here are a few more pointers about how you can be in forefront when a staffing agency is looking to place candidates for a particular position. Do check…

  1. Flexibility – Do not be rigid when it comes to your choice of industry, companies or work timings. A little flexibility will go a long way in obtaining a good job if you are okay with compromising a little.
  2. Skills – Do remain aware of the recent technologies as well as the advances made in your specific work area. Enroll in a class or take a training to renew your skills and increase them if you want to be the first choice of filling a particular vacancy.
  3. Resume – It helps to include the newly acquired skills and update your resume every few months once you have enhanced your experience or changed jobs. A resume that provides the prospective employer with up to date information will show you in a positive light.
  4. Online Presence – Do not fail to have your resume available online as well. Remember, that many employers as well as job agencies scour the online job portals hoping to fill the vacancies. Finding your resume online will provide you with an additional advantage.
  5. Availability – It makes sense to revise your contact information on your resume if you have shifted base or moved house.

How placement agencies can help?

Sure, you have prepared yourself diligently and hope to be employed shortly. In the process, you may have to confront many difficulties on the way. Therefore, it is best to register with a few of the top job agencies so that you get to:-

  • Learn about vacancies that have not been advertised publicly
  • Obtain help in revising your resume as per the needs of the company
  • Interviewed by the agency before you get to attend the final interview conducted by the company

Assistance with salary negotiation.