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Dealing with Grief and Loss

We all must come to terms with the death of our loved ones. Many people have had the misfortune of feeling what it feels like. Ami Shroyer comes to mind, since she lost her unborn child, and shortly after watched as her husband died too. Such a loss should not happen to any of us. But sadly, we all shall die at some point. Those we live behind shall grieve their loss. They need to be prepared when it comes to pass.

There are many stages and variables that accompany the loss of a loved one where attempting to cover it all is not an easy task. It is, however, possible to share a few ideas of what can apply in such situations. Some of them apply in almost all these situations.

There is a need to dedicate some time to feeling what you are feeling clear. Grief and sadness cannot be separated from such a loss. It is ok to let emotions flow as they should. It is not advisable to attempt suppressing them.

You need to be open with such emotions. Keep your feelings honestly. Do not feel shame about your self-expression. In case you feel like crying, do so. Crying induces some sense of relief. Feel free to cry till you stop.

Look for someone you can trust, and share your feelings with them. Pick either a good friend or family member. It is ok to express your love and to miss of the person who just died. Share the fun times you had with them.

Do not attempt to refuse to come to term with what just happened. Your emotional state is just as important in such scenarios. Recognizing their presence is important in making you feel better.

Find out if there are other grieving people you can meet with. You shall feel a certain level of comfort and familiarity when you know you are talking to people who know what it really means to suffer such a loss. You will thus have to find a local bereavement group to be visiting from time to time.

Those who get to a point where the grief is enormous enough to prevent them from performing their normal life duties, then they have to seek professional help immediately. Those who might shy away need to keep in mind that it is merely a way of restructuring their lives.

Those who cannot escape the grasp of extreme grief tend to resort to some negative vices. They are not things that can bring any good. Some will bury themselves with work to shut out any pain. Others will start taking drugs. All these scenarios make it important for those who are dealing with grief and loss to find a positive way to handle it.

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