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Understanding Table Saw Classification Table saws are among the most common tools that can be seen in the workplace of any woodworker. There are different types of table saws today and these tools are usually created large and bulky. An understanding of which type will best suit the need will greatly help in making the decision on which table saw to invest in. Table saws are considered to be one of the must-have power tools for woodworkers, and anyone who is into woodworking knows why. An open base and the cabinet type base are the two broad classifications of table saws. An open base table saw only has its internal working parts covered, whereas the cabinet type has an enclosure that covers its base all the way to the floor. Between the two, the cabinet type is the more expensive one and because of its added material, is also heavier. There are four further classifications of table saws other than looking at its base. There are four main classes of table saws on the market, namely the benchtop table saws, cabinet saws, hybrid saws and the contractor saws. Durability and portability are the two factors that would-be woodworkers should consider when planning to buy a table saw. Among the four, the hybrid table saws are gaining popularity in the market nowadays. This is probably because it has the advantages of a cabinet table saw, but is being sold at a much lower price. This type is also capable of competing against the more expensive contractor table saws in terms of performance.
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The parts of the cabinet table saws contain more steel and cast iron making it less portable and heavier compared to the other three types. The advantage of this kind is it is more accurate compared to the types and has minimal vibration. Another feature of this type of table saw its improved dust collection system and easy to adjust gears. The benchtop table saw is the lightweight type. This saw has direct drive that does not involve pulleys making it easier to use for beginners. To operate a benchtop table saw, woodworkers make use of a level supportive surface. Contractor table saws have wheels which are not usually present in cabinet table saws, thus making it mobile. Contractor table saws are also known for being bigger and come with a hefty price tag. This type is the one that is usually used by homeowners and those hobbyists.
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With the different types available, starting woodworkers will have an advantage if they have a better understanding of the characteristics of these tools. These saws are deemed as a must-have for every woodworker anywhere. With the strong knowledge of the different types of saws, it is easier to determine which kind to purchase.