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Why Should You Use WordPress? When WordPress was new to users, it was only a blogging platform, but years later, today, we now see it as a full-fledged CMS or a content management system. With WordPress user do not need the intervention of a Webmaster to add, modify, and remove content from a website though he has very limited expertise in this matter. And this is the reason why many people and businesses use this powerful but simple software which incidentally is also free. WordPress today is more than a blogging platform. There are many uses of WordPress today including its use as a standard website, social networking site, and even e-commerce site, and whatever else you want to do with it. Since WordPress is not inherently SEO friendly, as a blogging platform you can enhance your SEO with a little work. Somehow, you can find ways to fix it. You can actually use the SEO extensions and plugins on the WordPress platform to make it easy for you to do SEO in WordPress.
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Another great advantage of using WordPress is that even if you don’t really know much about content management systems, you can still make your own professionally looking website by yourself, even without the help of programmers or web designers, and you can also manage content easily. Adding content as an administrator is quick and simple, and if you are installing your choice plugins, setting up is easy as well. What this means is that you do not have to be dependent on a costly web designer to do it for you. When you log in to your account, you will immediately be brought to your dashboard. On your dashboard you are able to do many things with a few clicks like add content, edit, remove, etc. Working around your dashboard is a no brainer.
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To get a little bit technical, hosting providers are those who typically enable you to lease space from their hard drive to store your data so that it can easily be access by others even when you’re not connected to the internet. Installation of WordPress s a simple one-click process. The good thing here is that you don’t need to download WordPress installation files and using an FTP server to upload them. What you need to do is to simply visit your hosting provider’s control panel, click install WordPress and that is it. Your design and content on WordPress with automatically be linked. It is possible to create your own look to your website in WordPress since it is customizable, which is another great benefit of using it. WordPress gives you the benefit of customizing anything in your site. You can even add plugins so that your site will be totally unique. You can choose and use thousands of templates available.